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Buddhist Farm Retreat
Liberation Gate of Work Practice

Permaculture & Forest Garden


"O Waters! Wash us, me..." As soon as you arrive at the farm, your busy thinking mind will be halted by the sound of waters and your heart will be glad to be here.

Spring Wind farm was purchased November 2019 by the Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom, a North American Buddhist Order founded by Korean Zen Master, the Venerable Samu Sunim. The farm, located in Clermont, New York, is a very auspicious place with 114 acres of woods, fields, pastures, a large creek (Roeliff Jansen Kill), streams, ravines, barn buildings and a farmhouse.

The farm used to be a place for dairy cows and Black Angus cattle, and its fields were conventionally used many decades to grow feed corns, soybeans and alfalfa. Now the farm serves as a rural retreat for our teachers, training students and members. We meditate and chant in the mornings and evenings. Vigorous work practice is required to look after the land, animals and gardens. We aspire to apply permaculture principles such as "observe and interact; integrate rather than segregate." The farm is a great place to practice "harmonizing with each other" according to Sixfold Harmony for Spring Wind Sangha. 


1. Harmonize with each other in conduct and actions.

2. Harmonize with each other in speech and talk.

3. Harmonize with each other in intention and purpose.

4. Seek peace and happiness through the cultivation of precepts.

5. Seek peace and happiness through diversity of understanding.

6. Seek peace and happiness through sharing spiritual and material benefits.


The Way of Buddha is the religion of sentient beings and Bodhisattvas. Sentient beings help Bodhisattvas engage with their delusive passions, while Bodhisattvas care for sentient beings with their sympathy and compassion. As Bodhisattvas and sentient beings become good friends to each other, non-dual mutual penetration takes place. Samsara is Nirvana, Nirvana Samsara. 

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