Where We Are

The Spring Wind Farm is located at 71 Hill-N-Dale Road, Clermont NY 12526. For GPS, use "Hill Dale Rd N, Clermont, NY" The farm is 20 minutes south from the Hudson Amtrak Station. The nearest airport, Albany, is 50 minutes away. New York City is 2 hours away. 

When you see the "Dead End" sign to Hill-N-Dale Road from County Route 8, remember the Buddha's teaching called "the Greater Discourse of the Dead End":

They are not an enemy to any doctrine

Seen, heard, or thought out.

Not forming opinions, not shut down, and not desirous,

They are sages, wise ones who have laid their burden down.

To arrange a visit, please contact Sanha.


I have had asthma for a

Long time. It seems to improve

Here in this house by the river.

It is quiet too. No crowds

Bother me. I am brighter

And more rested. I am happy here.

When someone calls at my thatched hut

My son brings me my straw hat

And I go out and gather

A handful of fresh vegetables.

It isn't much to offer.

But it is given in friendship.

—Tu Fu

History of Clermont: from Friends of Clermont