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Farm Retreat Center

We have been working with a wonderful architect and natural home builder to construct two new buildings. The Living Wing will contain 6 bedrooms, sunken living room, kitchen and bathrooms. The Communal Wing will house a meditation room, library and studio. Construction began fall 2022 and will continue till summer 2024.

  • Build With Nature: straw/timber wall panel system

  • Radiant heating system with thermal solar energy

  • Natural plaster finishes (lime & clay)

Floorplans & architectural Drawings

Can You Help?

Farm Work Retreat August 5-31


Under the direction of Toan Sunim

A minimum participation of one week

Arrival/Departure on Saturdays

The Sangha House is integral to our vision of rural agrarian retreat center for our members. Beginning in August, temple volunteers and others will gather to learn plastering to do ourselves. No experience necessary, beginners mind a plus!

A highly energy efficient straw-timber structure is being built. The new building will have residential and communal wings that includes meditation hall, studio and a library to house Ven. Samu Sunim’s extensive collection. 

To help defray costs on this large project, we are going to plaster the straw panels, inside and out, ourselves! Master plasterer, James Henderson, will be in residence August 6-11 to train our enthusiastic cadre (see below for details) . For those able to make a longer commitment, a stipend will be available.

Daily practice, communal meals, hiking, swimming and other activities. Connect with and enjoy a natural and agricultural setting that includes woods, hills, fields and streams to explore. There are animals wild and domestic to observe, interact with and care for. We are redeveloping the farm along permaculture principles which value working with nature as we grow food by encouraging microbial, plant and animal diversity.
Abundance in emptiness.​

Please contact the farm ( if you can help.



Samu Sunim during Summer Retreat at the Ann Arbor Temple 1983

Photo: Samu Sunim during Summer Retreat at the Ann Arbor Temple 1983

Natural Plastering Workshop in August
earth render.jpg

with James Henderson

author of Earth Render-The Art of Clay Plaster, Render and Paints.

August 6-11, 2023

James Henderson is a licensed General Contractor who specializes in Natural Building. Over the last 15 years, James has worked on over 100 building projects in the USA and Australia.  James is Co Owner of Northwest Natural Homes LLC and Goldhill Clay Plaster LLC.  James is also the President of the “Natural Plasterers Guild” a networking and training non profit organization that James founded in 2019.  James authored “Earth Render, The art of clay plaster, render and paints” in 2013. 

A 5-day training is recommended to cover the basics of Natural Plaster Systems.  Each day a different topic / system will be taught and practiced.


Fee: $500 including camping & meals. If you can stay on to help out one week or more, the fee will be waived.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Natural Plaster Systems. Basic systems used in natural plaster installations, products and materials for natural plaster. Equipment used for mixing, staging and applying natural plaster. 

  • Exterior adhesion coat application.

Day 2

  • Interior Clay Plaster base coat system. Set up, accessories, trowel skills, application system, mesh installation.

Day 3

  • Exterior Lime Plaster base coat system. Set up, accessories, trowel skills, application system, mesh installation.

  • Compression and detailing of interior clay plaster.

Day 4

  • Interior clay plaster top coat system. Mixing, trowel skills, application system, finishing system, repair of clay plaster.

Day 5

  • Exterior lime plaster top coat system. Mixing, trowel skills, application system, finishing.

Please contact the farm ( if you are interested in participating in the natural plastering training, apprenticeship and job opportunities.

Clay Plastering Workshop in October

with Betty Seaman

October 11-15, 2023

Fee: $500 including camping & meals.

Betty is a gifted teacher with 20 years of experience in the field. In addition to her deeply embodied understanding of earthen building and permaculture, Betty has a magical ability to create beauty and utility out of at least resources and the most imagination. Read her story and get inspired!

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