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Farm Daily Schedule

We set up Seonbang (meditation room) in one large room upstairs of the farmhouse. Daily morning service starts at 6 am with Wakeup Moktak. As the candle is lit we offer 36 prostrations and meditate facing the wall. Birds sing for us and we chant the Three Refuges.

After the morning service, some make breakfast while the others take up cleaning tasks. Our standard breakfast is toasted oatmeal with yogurt, fruit and peanut butter. The breakfast begin with reading couple of pages from Helen & Scott Nearings' book "Good Life."

After nourishing our body-mind, we discuss work for the day. Work practice starts and continues until we get hungry. Lunch is prepared by one duty person and folks serve themselves. A little rest is very much appreciated after lunch and then we try to squeeze out couple of hours of work before the sundown. Evenings are often social with dinner, chatting or watching a movie.

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