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Permaculture principles and our winter mudroom

Before building this temporary enclosure we had but one desire: To go out the back door without stepping in duck or Guinea poo! But it’s turning out to have several uses. The back of the kitchen is relieved of the recycling, there’s a place to take off your shoes keeping the kitchen floor cleaner, and it’ll be a little nursery for plant starts. This is the Bill Mollison's principle of “Every Element Supports Many Functions”.

Conversely, “Every Function is Supported by Many Elements”. The is a third cold frame we’ll have ready for the Spring. Redundancy.

“Use On Site Resources” & “Energy Recycling”. The lumber is fencing we took down here at Spring Wind Farm. The roofing was leftover from another project. Only the plastic sheeting and the fasteners were new. Most of the materials will be salvaged when we take down the structure.

“Make least Change for Greatest Effect” For a temporary structure we didn’t want to expend too much time, money, or effort. Those are all “Resources” to conserve. 2 guys, 2 days.

Permaculture Principles are not unlike foundational Buddhist teachings like the Paramitas, Precepts and Eightfold path. They don’t exactly tell us what to do in any given situation, but they guide our awareness and the choices of thought, word and deed.

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