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Practising Our New Normal Or Returning to the Farm

Updated: May 10, 2020

“Worrying about the future means living in denial about the fundamentally uncertain nature of life.” (

I got a bike

Saturday, I rode to the meeting with our teacher for a report on my practise.

On arriving, I opened the door and entered the temple.

I heard a voice, Sanha's voice, “Here is one more, there are three, Three Jewels!”

A voice overlapping hers, Ilch'o's voice, said "Yes we are three."

I asked Sanha and Ilch'o if they would prefer a with-masked-on sitting.

Both declined.

We sat. We had Yebul.

Later in Sanha’s office, reports were presented. T’ado, Joyul, Jorae. Jassi, Jomun, Gagjeong, and Jojang on Zoom, three in person. We were happy to be present.

After, we gardened. I planted a bed of kale.

There were lots of worms. Big worms, long worms. Fats ones, skinny ones and short worms. One curled around my finger.

Sanha said, “Look! A big one, almost as big as a snake.” She slightly shuddered and moved away.

The sun was out. It was bright and warm.

The pond sang.

Sanha pointed out the baby fish in the pond. The pond was built last year to attract more non-human members to the temple.

I sat in the sun, on St Clair West, waiting for my order.

I sat on a concrete make-fashioned bench, waiting for the rotis I had ordered from Gerry’s. Gerry’s has been there a long time.

There were spontaneous friendly physically-distanced, sometimes with masks-on conversations with strangers. I could hear their smiles.

A man on his e-bike rode by and wave. I waved back.

A woman wearing an hijab waved too and laughed.

After, Noah and I ate lunch together. Mother may not hug son, son may not hug mother.

I saw his eyes, I sat in his presence. This is enough.

Later Jeongdo and I biked to Dave's Bike Shop to size the bike.

No one was there, we continued south.

There was a steep hill. I rode with hands clasping brakes.

Arriving at Christie Pits we attempted to play soccer.

It was a game of Joyong fetching the ball, Joyong dodging the ball.

It began to get dark.

I could not ride the bike from where I was to home.

I put on my mask, with the bike, I hopped on the subway and headed for home.

At home, bike parked by the door, I washed my hands and unmasked.

I chatted briefly with a friend, my mother, then with Eve.

'Mom can you look at my rental agreement. Can they do this?" She asked.

Her first apartment.

The new landlords had inserted a Covid19 clause into the rental agreement banning her from having ANYONE in her apartment.

"They will try," I answered. "They are really nice people," she said. "They probably are"I said

Tired, it was time for bed. It was a good day.

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