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Susie & Daisy: Two Darling Doelings

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We adopted two darling doelings on August 14. They are pure Toggenburgs (Swiss dairy goats). Toggs are the oldest registered breed of any animals in the world, with a herd book that was established in Switzerland in the 1600s.

Sunim named the older one as Susie and I named the younger one Daisy.

Susie was born April 11, 2020. Her father is Sun-Kissed DJ Kasper and her mother is Goatsbah's Emanuela. Daisy was born May 24, 2020. Her sire is Sun-Kissed Roger-Ra and her dam, Goatsbah's Amalia.

Susie and Daisy are adapting so well to their new home and people. They are curious and adventurous and so sweet. Today we tried to get them to be loose and browse around the farm house. You shake the food bucket and they will follow you. They gallop like a horse, they climb up on the mound of wood chips. They are good workers! Today they made a dent to the large bush of Buckthorns and Oriental Bittersweet in front of the house.

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